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Most Frequently asked questions

How long does window tint usually take?

Window Tint installs do take roughly about 2-3 hours to complete, any windshield or sunroof installs may extend the wait time to about 4 hours. So I do recommend you plan accordingly, also most of our  customers do Uber home or to work.

Do you have a waiting area? 

We also have a waiting room with Netflix and complementary wifi, water and access to our restroom. 

Why do I see water marks on my vehicle windows after tinting them? Are water marks normal?.  

After your window tint is intalled  you may see a few tiny bubbles under the film and a haze on the glass. Streaks, haze, and bubbles are a normal part of the window tint drying process, so don't worry! Bubbles can occur as moisture forms between the window and the film, but they will evaporate within a few days. Do not lower your windows down  for 3 days while the film is couring on to your window. 

Should I was my vehicle after getting it tinted? 

If you wash your car a few hours after the installation it will prolong the drying process. It is highly recommended to wait for one  week before going to the car wash. If you do wash it, just don't lower the windows down. 


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